Course Description – Spring 2022

Registration opens February 14, 2022! Please visit our online store to register.

Python for Humanists – Crash Course

Over the past decade, Python has become the lingua franca for performing computational work in the sciences and the humanities. Compared to other procedural programming languages, Python’s learning-curve is low, and due to its popularity, an ever-increasing set of tools exists for producing, exploring, analyzing, and presenting data derived from cultural artifacts.

During these 8 weeks, participants will become acculturated to the “Pythonic” way of thinking, and will become proficient in using the following fundamental building blocks of procedural programming:

  • Variables, operators, lists, and dictionaries
  • If-statements, for-loops, and functions
  • Classes, properties, and methods
  • Reading, writing, and manipulating files

The only requirements for participants will be access to a modern web-browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox, but latest versions of Safari or Edge should also work), a Google account (you likely already have a personal Gmail email address or an account through your institution, but if not, sign up at, and a high-speed internet connection. Python code will be written and executed within Google Colab (, and data will be accessed via Google Drive.

For more information, visit Meeting Details, Syllabus – Spring 2022, and Registration.


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