Meeting dates and/or topics may be subject to change.  Changes, if necessary, will be updated on the syllabus and announced on the PROG4HUMANISTS listserv.

WeekDate (Friday)TopicReadings/ResourcesAssignments DueTeacher
19/4Introductory Class - HTML/CSSMandell, XSLT for Humanists, chapter 1Exercise 1
(in class)
29/11Drupal: Content TypesDombrowski, Drupal for Humanists, available in dropbox:
Read Section 1.4, Chapter 2, and Chapter 5
Optional: read the comparisons of Drupal to other technologies for digital humanities project development.
Optional: read chapter 4 and follow the instructions in Section 4.5 to install the modules listed in Section 4.4.
Exercise 2: Create an account at and create a new site, from scratch, just using Drupal 7 (see Section 3.3 of book)Dombrowski
39/18Drupal: ViewsDombrowski, Drupal for Humanists, available in dropbox:
Read Sections 6.2 and 6.3 on how to create content types
Read Section 8.4-8.6 on adding content
Read Chapter 12, introduces Views
Optional: Read Sections 8.2 and 8.3 on improving the content type creation forms
Optional: Read Chapter 9 on node display
Exercise 3: Create the content types on your site corresponding to your data model.Dombrowski
49/25XML: TEIClass2 Folder in DropboxExercise 4Mandell
59/28 (Monday)XSLT: Creating DocumentsClass3 Folder in DropboxExercise 5Mandell
610/9XPath in XSLT
XSLT: Elements and Functions
Mandell, XSLT for Humanists, Chapter 2Exercise 6Mandell
710/12 (Monday)XSLT: Processing Multiple Files; ConditionalsMandell, XSLT for Humanists, Chapter 3Exercise 7Mandell
810/23Drupal + TEIA quick primer on Drupal and TEI
Please follow links, esp. to the TEICHI Drupal module, focusing on the "Features" and "Documentation" pages.

Using Feeds module to Ingest TEI: Quinn Dombrowski, Drupal for Humanists
Read Chapter 14 on Importing Data. You may skim 14.3.6 on Feeds Tamper. When reading through the first example on "Importing People Nodes" (14.4) think about how this process might work if TEI were the input instead of CSV. The short section on xpath parsers ( may clue you in to the potential for "scraping" TEI documents for data and metadata to be stored in the Drupal databases.
(No exercise)Rettenmaier
910/30XQueryXQuery4HumanistsExercises are in XQuery4Humanists readings/resources linkAnderson
1211/20OpenRefineNo required readingsInstall the OpenRefine application ("Google Refine 2.5-Stable Version")
Install instructions are available here and in dropbox.