Readings and Online Resources for each class will be made available before that class session.


Meeting dates and/or topics may be subject to change.  Changes, if necessary, will be updated on the syllabus and announced on the PROG4HUMANIST listserv.

WeekDatesTopicsTeacherReadings/Online Resources
11/23XSLTMandellRecommended readings (not required) from "Beginning XSLT 2.0," pages 47-52 and 59-78.

Map of the TEI hierarchy

TEI Listserv
32/6XSLTChristyRecommended readings (not required) from "Beginning XSLT 2.0," pages 69-102.
42/13XSLTMandellRecommended readings (not required) from "Beginning XSLT 2.0," pages 137-180.
52/20MicroanalysisAudenaertOptional Reading from "Text Analysis with R," pages 3-56

Required: Install R and RStudio, download examples from book, see:
62/27MesoanalysisAudenaertOptional Reading from "Text Analysis with R," pages 59-98
73/6MacroanalysisAudenaertReading from "Text Analysis with R," pages 101-159
93/27XQueryMichelson/AndersonAdvance Reading: Please read in full:

As you are able, please read or even work through:

Please browse and bookmark for reference:

Please be prepared to follow tweets to bits of code during the class at: and

Recommended reference work (We will not be using this directly in our session, but users looking for an advanced reference work may wish to consult a copy later):

Please have the most recent version of oXygen XML editor ready to use during the class.
104/6 (Monday)OCR'ing Historical DocumentsMandell/ChristyAdvance Reading: Please try to read: Ray Smith: An Overivew of the Tesseract OCR Engine. [in Dropbox/Class10Spring2015]

Don't worry if you don't follow all of this, we'll be going over it in more detail.

Please bring some page images you'd like to OCR. If you don't have any, but want to participate in hands-on exercises, please let me know.

114/17OCR'ing Historical DocumentsMandell/Christy
124/24OCR'ing Historical DocumentsMandell/Christy
135/1OCR'ing Historical DocumentsMandell/Christy
145/8OCR'ing Historical DocumentsMandell/Christy