Meeting dates and/or topics may be subject to change.  Changes, if necessary, will be updated on the syllabus and announced on the PROG4HUMANISTS listserv.

WeekDate (Friday)TopicReadings/ResourcesTeacher
11/22Topic ModelingIntroduction to Topic Modeling and Class 1: Fundamental ConceptsAudenaert
21/29Topic ModelingClass 2: Training Topic ModelsAudenaert
32/5Topic ModelingClass 3: Experiments in Topic ModelingAudenaert
42/12Topic ModelingIn class: hands on examples and exercises using Mallet for topic modelingAudenaert
"Chapter 2: Modeling" from Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums

1) OpenRefine Installation Instructions
2) DERI RDF Extension for OpenRefine Installation Instructions

3) Download this dataset to your desktop before Friday morning (
62/26Intermediate TEI - DramaReadings:
Chapter 1: Getting Started Using TEI: What is TEI? (Sections 1.1-1.7)
Women Writers Project: What is TEI?
• For beginners: Julia Flanders & Syd Bauman's Slides: Minimalist Introduction to XML (know: start tag, end tag, element, attribute, attribute value, well-formedness, overlap)
• Look over some of the versions of Hamlet in the shared folder
• Selected Further Readers in shared folder
Crib Sheets:
Women Writers Project Element List
• Women Writers Project oXygen Crib Sheet

Shared Folder Link
Please save a copy of the shared folder and its contents to your local computer.

oXygen needs to be installed on your computer in advance of class. (Certificate registrants will receive their oXygen license no later than Friday, February 19.)

oXygen Installation Instructions

73/4Intermediate TEI - Poetry/ProseReadings:
Review readings from the February 26th class: we will be going over what you learned in the last class and fielding questions as well as reviewing.

A simple introduction to creating your own TEI document from scratch:
PoetryProse Reading

Files to Download
83/11Intermediate TEI - HeaderReadings:
Chapter 2 of the TEI Guidlines, "The TEI Header":

Class Materials: Digital-Edition-Files

Additional Materials Discussed in Class can be downloaded here
93/21 (Monday)xslt: TEI to webReadings:
Chapter 1 of the XSLT for Humanists book:
Chapter 3 of the XSLT for Humanists book:

104/1DIY Digital EditionReadings:
• Johanna Drucker, "The Virtual Codex from Page Space to E-space," in A Companion to Digital Literary Studies, ed. Susan Schreibman and Ray Siemens.
• Kenneth M Price, "Electronic Scholarly Editions," also in A Companion to Digital Literary Studies, ed. Susan Schreibman and Ray Siemens.
• Dennis Tenen and Grant Wythoff, "Sustainable Authorship in Plain Text using Pandox and Markdown," from
• Desmond Schmidt, "The inadequacy of embedded markup for cultural heritage texts," Literary and Linguistic Computing Advance Access (April 2010).

Other Requirements for Class

In-Class Exercise

Further Reading (not required):
Digital Critical Editions, ed. Daniel Apollon, Claire Bélisle, and Philippe Régnier (Illinois UP, 2014)
• Richard Rutter and Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographical Style Applied to the Web
114/8xslt: TEI to TEIReadings:
Chapter 2 of the XSLT for Humanists book:
124/11 (Monday)Follow-up and review of covered topics with available instructorsBring your questions and examples you want to discuss related to any digital humanities topic.Audenaert, Grumbach, Mandell, & Ross
134/22xslt instruction for digital editionsMandell
144/29xslt instruction for digital editionsFor the MaryLeapor2 files folder, click here.Mandell
Noon to 2:00 pm
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)LastClass-OCR.zipMandell

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