Meeting dates and/or topics may be subject to change.  Changes, if necessary, will be emailed to registrants and updated on the syllabus.

1/18; 10:00 am (CST)Pre-semester oXygen installation session (1 hour)Laura Mandell
11/19TEI Schema CustomizationDaniel Schwartz
21/26Introduction to XSLT
XSLT: transforming TEI to text files
Laura Mandell
32/2XSLT: transforming TEI to TEI and XMLLaura Mandell
42/9XSLT: transforming TEI to HTML with cssLaura Mandell
52/16XSLT: transforming TEI to HTML (cont')Laura Mandell
62/23Designing the look of your edition: HTML and cssRebecca Kempe
73/2Publishing your digital edition; transforming multiple textsLaura Mandell
83/9XSLT and databases, data analyticsLaura Mandell
93/23Python: IntroductionBryan Tarpley
103/28 (Wednesday)Python:Bryan Tarpley
114/6Python: Bryan Tarpley
124/13Python: NetworkXBryan Tarpley
134/20Gephi: Data formatsKathy Torabi
144/27Gephi: VisualizationKathy Torabi

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