Digital Editions, Start to Finish

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11/25Intro to Digital Editions:
• “Standards;” “Best Practices;” Diversity.
• oXygen Intro (Installation instructions located on “Resources” page)
Laura Mandell, Syd Bauman, Diane Jakacki
22/1TEI-encoding: Prose, Letters, NovelsLaura Mandell
32/8TEI-encoding: PoetryLaura Mandell
42/15TEI-encoding: DramaDiane Jakacki
52/22TEI-encoding: Taxonomies, Records, LettersLaura Mandell, Diane Jakacki
63/1Semantic Markup
Personography in TEI
Diane Jakacki
73/8TEI SchemasSyd Bauman
83/22Principles of XSLTSyd Bauman
93/29HTML & CSSLaura Mandell, Diane Jakacki
104/5XML → XML transformationsSyd Bauman
114/12• Using XSLT Masters: HTML, plain text, spreadsheets
• Modifying XSLT Masters
Laura Mandell
124/19Writing XSLT from ScratchLaura Mandell
134/26Workshopping your own edition: review of existing editions; scoping and hosting your project.Diane Jakacki
145/3Workshopping your own edition: trouble-shootingDiane Jakacki

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