Syllabus – Spring 2020 Part I

Digital Editions, Start to Finish

Meeting dates and/or times may be subject to change. Changes, if necessary, will be emailed to registrants and updated on the syllabus.

Download and install oXygen
Reclaim Hosting
Mandell, Jakacki
21/24Digital Edition File Structure
TEI: prose
Mandell, Jakacki
31/31TEI: poetry and dramaMandell, Jakacki
42/7the TEI Header: metadataMandell, Jakacki
52/14HTMLMandell, Jakacki
62/21CSSMandell, Jakacki
72/28The Digital Editorial Workflow
XSLTs: oXygen, OxGarage, custom
Mandell, Jakacki
83/6Publishing the Digital Edition
Reclaim Hosting
TEI Publisher
Peer Review
Mandell, Jakacki